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Too Much of a Good Thing: Tennis-Ball Mouth


Yep, “tennis-ball mouth” is a real condition. Ever rubbed your hand or skin against a tennis ball? That scratchy texture acts as a very effective abrasive on teeth.

Pooches who love to carry a tennis ball around in their mouth for several hours throughout the day or like to addictively mouth and chew on tennis balls are the prime candidates for developing worn and eroded teeth. The constant holding and chewing of the balls wears the teeth down, creating tennis-ball mouth.

Most dogs love tennis balls, and you don’t have to stop them from playing with them, just make sure that they aren’t carrying them around all day or using them as their main chew toy. While the name may sound funny, the potentially painful diagnosis is humorless.

Doggie Bag Summary: Moderation tennis ball lover!

Photo credit: ernestbon & Shanti 🙂

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