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Tickle Paw Tuesday: Baby Squirrels on Watch

Check out these sweet baby squirrels watching their mom chow down on some sunflower seeds in this week’s Tickle Paw Tuesday selection. I’ve always had a fondness for squirrels, and think they are not only one of the hardest working animals,  but they can’t be beat in the cute department. Squirrels work hard for those nuts!

We know you work hard too, so sit back, give yourself permission to take a moment, and enjoy.

Happy Tuesday!

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Tickle Paw Tuesday: The Joy of Fostering Pets

Foster pet parents get our standing ovation this week as we highlight the joy these angels spread by taking in and taking care of homeless animals on their journey to a forever home. Fostering is a great first step in deciding whether or not you have the time, lifestyle, patience, and dedication it takes to share your home and life with a pet.

Seek out any animal group in your area and ask to find out more about their foster program. Animal organizations need all the help they can get. Free space in an animal shelter often decides the fate of the next animal that walks in the door. Your ability to assist these animals waiting for adoption truly is the gift of life. In exchange for your time, support, and residence, most organizations happily provide food, medical care, and training assistance for the foster pets. You can even help support our troops by fostering military pets who need someone to care for them when their beloved humans are deployed for service.

Hoping your Tuesday fuels your tomorrow.

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Tickle Paw Tuesday: Puppy Cam Cuteness Overload in Preparation for Puppy Bowl IX

Tickle Paw Tuesday can stretch into the entire week as you prepare for Animal Planet’s Puppy Bowl IX by watching their live puppy cam. Don’t worry, they have a kitten cam, too. Seriously, if this doesn’t keep your heart beating to a happier beat, you might want to get that ticker checked.

When people talk about the “big game” to us, we simply assume they mean the Puppy Bowl. Further talks break down when we start discussing the kitten half-time show and hedgehog cheerleaders, and both parties suddenly realize the other isn’t participating in the same conversation.

See ya in the virtual bleachers Sunday, February 3, 2012, for Puppy Bowl IX on Animal Planet from 3:00-5:00pm ET. Checkout the site and learn the secrets behind the Puppy Bowl game.

Happy Tuesday!

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Tickle Paw Tuesday: Life Lessons from Guinea Pigs

For the third Tuesday of the new year, we offer you a Tickle Paw Tuesday installment that reminds us all how very blessed we are to share our lives with our companion animals and imparts some life wisdom taught by guinea pigs. For those with guinea pigs, I’ll think you’ll find the other videos by Momo Hsieh to be very beneficial and educational. Those are some very well loved and cared for pigs!

Have a wonderful Tuesday!

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Tickle Paw Tuesday: Floating Along with a Sweet Copilot

Our “Tickle Paw Tuesday” selection made us want to hop in a kayak and float along with a sweet copilot like Chance, the dog who is featured in this video. Chance looks safe (with this life jacket and leash) and content. The river is beautiful too, but gotta say, Chance steals the show. All the videos from timvid are interesting and beautiful, we encourage you to check them out. We especially like this hummingbird video and the Wild Box Turtle Eating Strawberries video.

Hope your Tuesday is beautiful!

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Tickle Paw Tuesday: A Dog and Bunny Teach Perspective

Our featured Tickle Paw Tuesday video of the week should help give us all a little perspective. Here are some lessons we can take away from the sweet video:

[ordered_list style=”decimal”]

  1. Try overcoming your problems instead of running circles around them.
  2. Set your problems to music. “You Can’t Touch This” by MC Hammer is a good personal anthem when you are feeling especially vulnerable.
  3. Stay calm when those around you have clearly lost the ability to do so.
  4. Keep moving. Exercise is good for the body, mind, and your life expectancy.
  5. Keep assessing the situation. You may just be better off letting the problem wear itself out.


Happy Tuesday! Stay strong and healthy out there!

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Tickle Paw Tuesday: The Grinchy Ferret Who Stole Christmas

This short little video reminds us of our beloved ferrets, Marzo and Fergie. They were not tree bandits, but they sure did love to sink their little ferret teeth into potatoes and drag them under a dresser in the bedroom. They only wanted potatoes, and they always drug them to the dresser. They never tried to eat the potatoes, they just found comfort in having a hidden stockpile of them.

Happy Tuesday! We hope you find something shiny, or starchy, that will just make your day.


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Tickle Paw Tuesday: Simon’s Cat Conquers the Christmas Tree

We know that the holiday tradition in this week’s installment of “Tickle Paw Tuesday” will be played out many times over as our favorite felines pounce upon your decorated trees and conquer them in only the way they do. Of course, after all that conquering and destruction, it will be time to  feed the cat.

Thankfully, we’ve never had a problem with Winni and holiday decorations. She does love to wrap herself up in some garland.

cat plays in garland

What about you? Has your cat decided the tree makes a nice nesting spot or play toy?

If your cat is enjoying the tree too much, a few good sprays of “Bitter Apple” on the trunk of the tree should help. Packaging tape wrapped around the trunk (with the sticky side out) is also a pretty good deterrent for the curious kitty. Got a tip that works for you?

Happy decorating!


Photo of cat with holiday garland.

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Tickle Paw Tuesday: Husky Dog Croons With Baby

Tuesday has to be the loneliest day of the week. Monday is hated, Wednesday is celebrated, and Thursday is undoubtedly the most productive day of the week as people prepare for  Friday. Friday, the most beloved, is the kick off to the weekend. Saturday and Sunday are the peaks of the weekend mountain we must slide down so that we may start the process all over again.

image of a calendar with mountains

For sad Tuesday, we will begin a new series – Tickle Paw Tuesday. Every Tuesday, we’ll feature an entertaining “Paw Tickler” video we’ve found on the web and share it with you. Take back Tuesday, and make it a day of smiles and share the love.

We’ll start this one off with a funny video featuring a dog and child duo. Our husky would have approved. This husky pup will not be outdone! A husky voice is a terrible thing to waste, especially when a cute baby is trying to steal the limelight, err, video camera time.