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Tickle Paw Tuesday: Puppy Explorer Conquers Flower

This week’s selection for Tickle Paw Tuesday is a video that captures a keeshond puppy investigating and overcoming a newly perceived threat – a dandelion. These silly moments our dogs experience are very important lessons that help to promote confidence as they explore and learn about the world around them. This method of paws-on learning teaches them the consequences of their actions. The pup in this video doesn’t seem to mind the flavor of that fuzzy foe, but another puppy might just learn that the flower not only tastes bad, but it sticks on your nose!!! The horror!

One summer we took the boys to Texas for a vacation. Just prior to heading back to Illinois, we stopped by a friend’s house for a visit. The dogs were taken off their leashes and allowed to play untethered on the 200-acre property. They didn’t know what to do with themselves or their new found freedom.  We were surprised when they opted to stay at our sides. However, Frosty couldn’t contain himself when he saw something running in the distance.

Our Frosty didn’t understand why his two brothers went running in the opposite direction when they saw the unknown beast. Frosty decided he must be the brave one and followed the trail of the stranger. He yelped in surprise when he found himself sprayed by the “beastly” skunk who wasn’t fond of being chased by a dog. A bath in a pond did not help his smelly situation, and his brothers did not look fondly at him during the 18 hour drive back home. I don’t know why Tristan and Grandbury didn’t follow suit and chase after Frosty. Perhaps they had a previous experience with a skunk, or maybe they had a healthier relationship with fearing the unknown.

Yes, sometimes a pup, even one outside the “puppy stage” must learn the consequences of his actions. Keep them safe as they learn, and remember that some experiences are best left unknown.

Happy Tuesday!