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Halloween Silliness Recap with a Video

Did you have a safe and fun Halloween? Our Halloween was filled with sweets and treats from Grandbury and Winni.

Grandbury wore his “Personalized Angel Wings” tee. The dog t-shirts from Zazzle do have quite a bit of stretch in them, but we recommend you go one size larger than you think you’ll need. We ordered an XL for Grandbury, and at 49 pounds, he fits within the 46-70 lb. window suggested for the product. Like we said, the tee does stretch, and it is by no means too tight on him, but we found it a little difficult to get off of him when it came time to extract his front legs from the “arm holes.” This is in part because he is 16 and not quite as limber as he once was, but the holes don’t really have a stretch to them either. But, as for the main belly and back portion of the tee, they have a nice stretch and didn’t put any pressure on his tumor. The shirts are 100% cotton, so watch your washing methods! The t-shirts are really soft.

We think he looks handsome.

Photograph of a dog wearing a 24Paws angel shirt with wings.

Grandbury, a member of the 24Paws pack, wears a winged tee

Calico cat Winni dressed for Halloween

Winni wore her own t-shirt – she went as a Pumpkin.

A very silly pumpkin as you can see from the video. No, she wasn’t blissed out on catnip, she was just ready to pounce and play the night away. She did have a hard time choosing which “Ugly Kitty Eco-Tosser” was worthy of her attention. Leave us a comment if you enjoy the video! 🙂

Grandbury felt so comfy in his new t-shirt he just dozed right off, waking every now and then to watch what new silliness Winni found herself in.

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Don’t Lose Your Head For Halloween

Some people really hate the idea of dressing up companion animals for Halloween. Don’t get your pumpkin in a knot, there are two simple rules that everyone needs to follow when comes to sharing Halloween with your beloved pet –

1. If they enjoy dressing up, don’t let a few sour candy corns spoil your fun. Dressing up your pet for a few candid photo shots can become a family tradition. Don’t force your pet to wear something that either makes him/her miserable or doesn’t allow for free movement of all limbs and tails. Keep those eyes clear!

2. Keep them safe. This rule encompasses everything about Halloween festivities. Halloween, like most holidays, usually involves noise, strangers milling around, inappropriate and unsafe food close to expectant mouths, and a general sense of anxiety, excitement and stress that can cause some animals to bolt out the door.

Whether your pet loves Halloween or would rather take a siesta straight through the day, always remember to give them some “down time” to recharge their batteries and emotional centers. Don’t forget some play time so they can get out any frustrations or stress the holiday can bring on. That goes for you, too!

Have a great and safe Halloween!

Need some inspiration for your pet’s costume?

Check out these cute pet costumes you can whip up yourself from the talented folks at Leisure Arts, Inc.

Check out Flickr from some great ideas and inspiration. We’ve chosen a few to help get your search mojo going.

We’ve created a new “Angel” series of pet dog t-shirts you should check out. Grandbury will be sporting this one on Halloween.

But, if you prefer just a simple winged version:
And who can go wrong with:
As always, the t-shirts are customizable.
We are adding some additional designs in time for shipping for Halloween.