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Would You Agree to DNA testing for your Dog?

An East German politician believes that in order to rectify the problem of dog owners refusing to pick up after their pooch, the city will procure some DNA from each dog and start a database. Therefore, when a poop has gone astray with no one to claim it, someone (do you want that city job?) will come ‘round and collect a sample and compare it to the DNA database. The pet parents face fines of $60 – $80 for the poop offense. Wonder if the DNA collector will also pick up the poop?


Would you agree to submit your dog’s DNA to a database to track poop infractions? Is this a good idea in your opinion? Do laws like this go too far? How many “extra” fees are you paying for your animals now? Does your community tack on additional charges for pet parents? Have you changed your mind about moving to a certain area due to the fees charged for pet ownership?

Photo Credit: actruncale