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Headin’ to North Carolina

coloring book entry for the Eastern Box Turtle of North Carolina

We are heading out to North Carolina next week. Our trip will be a short one, but we plan on making it memorable and fun for both you and us. We are going to plot our route along an interactive map, and include photos and videos along the way so you can come along with us.

Now, Grandbury is a very seasoned traveler, but Winni, this is her first “big” trip. Hopefully he can teach her a few tricks along the way.

First things first, we are making a list and checking it twice. This is our first trip in a long time, and the needs of our gang have changed since our last journey. Do you make a list when you travel? We’ve got lots of lists going. One for our needs, one for the cat and dog, one for reminders of things that need to be done before we leave, one for things to do one our trip, and another for things to do when we return. We are lists makers. Now, if we can keep track of them all, we’ll be set.

Hope you’ll join us this week as we head out to North Carolina. Please share any tips or spots you think we need to hit.

Click on the turtle for a great coloring page!