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Strolling Black Mountain with Grandbury and Winni

Grandbury and Winni met so many new friends as we strolled through Black Mountain today. Grandbury loves his new stroller. Contact us for ordering information, you’ll soon be able to order them through! This is the large stroller cart that accommodates a dog up to 110 lbs.  At 50 lbs, Grandbury fits just fine and has plenty of head room to turn around and sit comfortably.

Grandbury in his new stroller

Our 17 year old boy deserves his seat of style. Winni takes it easy too. 🙂


Winni in her backpack.


We made a stop at the Black Mountain Tailgate Market. Travelin’ with your pets? Don’t be shy, grab a leash (or your carriers or strollers) and stop in. Handmade locals items range from coffee and chocolate to plants and jewelry.

Black Market Tailgate Pet Friendly


There are so many great stores to visit when you trek downtown Black Mountain, North Carolina. Grandbury sampled some tasty treats at Bone-A-Fide Bakery & Pet Boutique. Nothin’ better than a little treat and rub for the pooch. Winni sat by wondering where her little nibble was.

Winni in her cat carrier.

One pooped pooch and kitty. We all certainly had a great time meeting everyone today. Black Mountain, North Carolina is a pet friendly community that awaits your visit.

Tired Winni and Grandbury in North Carolina.