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Tickle Paw Tuesday: Puppy Cam Cuteness Overload in Preparation for Puppy Bowl IX

Tickle Paw Tuesday can stretch into the entire week as you prepare for Animal Planet’s Puppy Bowl IX by watching their live puppy cam. Don’t worry, they have a kitten cam, too. Seriously, if this doesn’t keep your heart beating to a happier beat, you might want to get that ticker checked.

When people talk about the “big game” to us, we simply assume they mean the Puppy Bowl. Further talks break down when we start discussing the kitten half-time show and hedgehog cheerleaders, and both parties suddenly realize the other isn’t participating in the same conversation.

See ya in the virtual bleachers Sunday, February 3, 2012, for Puppy Bowl IX on Animal Planet from 3:00-5:00pm ET. Checkout the site and learn the secrets behind the Puppy Bowl game.

Happy Tuesday!