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Happy 2013 New Year Wishes from 24Paws!



2012 was a transformational year for us. Our beloved Grandbury developed a brain tumor that presented fresh learning experiences as we supported him through the next stage of his life that included seizures. We said good-bye to Grandbury in March, and shortly after, moved again when an opportunity came knocking. It was one of those years that felt as though it had lasted a decade. We look back in awe that only twelve months have passed.

2013 will be a major year for 24Paws. Our new online store is nearly complete, and we will finally be able to share the products we’ve loved and tested with you and your companion animals.  We are expanding our product line, working with various shelters and animal organizations, and creating new products that you can order or be inspired by.

Thank you for a wonderful year. Thank you for supporting us, watching our videos, sharing our educational news and information, and helping us keep the lessons our pack has taught us about life, love, and happiness alive as they continue to impact the lives of other pets and their people.

As a couple, our eighteen years together have always been dedicated to and dictated by our companion animal pack. As such, their care has always been paramount. We would have liked our business to have grown more rapidly, but never at the expense of their happiness. They’ve taught us just about everything that is important in life, and we never want those lessons to be forgotten. They have always been, and shall remain, the paw driven force behind 24Paws.

Thank you for helping us to keep their memory alive. We are so happy to share our knowledge and experience with you. We love your stories, photos, and feedback! Onward to 2013!

With love and appreciation,
Jeannie & Loren

24Paws Pack Mom and Dad

If all else fails, remember actions of wisdom from Winni:

Sleep does a body good!

Winni napping



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