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Tickle Paw Tuesday: Kittens Rule the Dog

This week’s Tickle Paw Tuesday installment features a saint of dog, Murkin, who patiently abides his foster kitten pals as they play all over and around him. There are many videos of Murkin and his pals, so make sure you give yourself some time to keep watching the sweetness. Maybe the videos will convince you that your beloved pet could use a silly foster friend?

We hope the remainder of your week is packed with abundance of love, kindness, and humor.

Happy Tuesday!

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Tickle Paw Tuesday: The Joy of Fostering Pets

Foster pet parents get our standing ovation this week as we highlight the joy these angels spread by taking in and taking care of homeless animals on their journey to a forever home. Fostering is a great first step in deciding whether or not you have the time, lifestyle, patience, and dedication it takes to share your home and life with a pet.

Seek out any animal group in your area and ask to find out more about their foster program. Animal organizations need all the help they can get. Free space in an animal shelter often decides the fate of the next animal that walks in the door. Your ability to assist these animals waiting for adoption truly is the gift of life. In exchange for your time, support, and residence, most organizations happily provide food, medical care, and training assistance for the foster pets. You can even help support our troops by fostering military pets who need someone to care for them when their beloved humans are deployed for service.

Hoping your Tuesday fuels your tomorrow.