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Noses and a Donkey

Okay, let’s start with the donkey…

Introducing Clark, our neighbor donkey. How handsome is this sweet boy? Clark shares a pasture with many horses and has a huge personality–a personality that is almost as big as those ears!

Photo of a donkey.


and on to the noses portion…

Grandbury’s poor nose has recently suffered through bouts of  being chapped, dry, and cracked. It isn’t serious or life threatening, but can be uncomfortable and a challenge to heal. Geriatric pups like Grandbury may frequently have issues with their noses. We’ve  tried everything over the past year with limited success. This or that ointment may help with the cracking, but it doesn’t address the peeling and dryness.

We’ve heard great things about Natural Dog Snout Soother so we are going to give it a try. We love the natural ingredients in the product and positive testimonials we are reading. Say goodbye to that dry, chapped, and flaky nose Grandbury! Stay tuned for updates.

dog nose with hyperkeratosis