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Tickle Paw Tuesday: Woof to Wash

You’ve dreamed of your dog helping around the house, but you’ve never thought he’d be capable of helping with the laundry, have you? This week’s Tickle Paw Tuesday installment features a video highlighting the work JTMService in the UK is doing to help people who require canine supportive assistance. Their “Woof to Wash” washing machine is a magical contraption! The sweet dog in this video proves that our canine pals are capable of cleaning the sheets they enjoy getting dirty!

Happy Tuesday!

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Tickle Paw Tuesday: Royals Puppy Parody

This week’s Tickle Paw Tuesday installment features a puppy parody version of “Royals” by Lorde, as performed by Lisa Schwartz (lisbug) on Youtube. If you can’t stop singing the original version of the song, you’ll have to learn the parody lyrics that highlight the new life of an adopted shelter dog. The starring pooch, Corny, is “gonna be spoiled” with her new life of chew toys, fine fleece beds, and retractable dog leashes. Should we admit that we are playing this on a loop?

Happy Tuesday!


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Tickle Paw Tuesday: Paper Pups to Copy Cut and Fold

husky dog cut out


This week’s Tickle Paw Tuesday installment is part craft and remembrance—two of my favorite combinations.

I recently ran across Hiroshi Hayakawa’s book, “Paper Pups – 35 Dogs to Copy, Cut & Fold” and couldn’t wait to see what I could do with the enclosed templates, particularly the Siberian Husky. The book contains a wide variety of breeds, including a few accessories like a dog house and dog sweater. This paper crafting book combines origami (paper folding) and kirigami (paper cutting) to create three-dimensional dogs

You’ll need only to score, fold, and cut the print outs you make of the templates in the book. You are free to color and personalize the dogs as you see fit. You can try it out with some free projects available online at Lark Crafts. You can create a Chow Chow, Cavalier King Charles Spaniel, Schnauzer, Puli, Saint Bernard, long-hair Yorkshire Terrier, Dalmatian puppy, or the Basset Hound hat and pipe accessory set.

The book is beautifully laid out, and thanks to the text and illustrations, one shouldn’t feel too overwhelmed to start the craft. There are beginner templates to start with, but the Siberian Husky is an intermediate template. I struggled with a few folding lines, but I eventually got it.

These paper crafts are not only great crafts to engage children in (with adult supervision), but they make a wonderful project to help one memorialize a pet. I certainly enjoyed making this little pooch. The time it takes to make one certainly provided me with the quiet concentration necessary to sit and reminisce about Tristan, our beloved Siberian Husky. The 21st of July was the three year anniversary of his death.

This pencil colored miniature version does not do justice to the real deal, but he certainly makes me smile as wonderful memories are brought to the forefront of my mind. That is time well spent, I’d say.

Happy Tuesday!

husky dog in wheelchair


coloring husky dog origami template

tools for origami


husky origami


paper pups book