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June: Adopt a Shelter Cat

Winni has something to say about “Adopt a Shelter Cat Month.” Take it away Winni…

Winni, a cat, sits atop a pile of newspaper.

Put your newspaper away. Recycle it. Use it to line a smaller creature’s cage. Compost it. But don’t use it to look for a cat to purchase.

The month of June is about much more than prime bird and bunny watching. Yes, those are great diversions to keep a cat busy, but June is also about drawing attention to the millions of cats who are waiting to be discovered in shelters across the country.

Even if you aren’t able to adopt a cat, why not stop by your local shelter and lend a lap to a kitty in need of some TLC? Why not drop off some much needed cat supplies like litter, toys, hammocks, nail clippers, food, and cat scratchers. Check with the shelter to see what they need.

Why, you could even dip your toe into the world of feline companionship by volunteering to foster a cat. Most shelters cover any medical expenses, and sometimes food, in exchange for you providing a loving home to help the animal prepare for their forever family.

I know, you’ve got stuff to do and vacations to plan… but somewhere in the middle of all that, could you find some time to help a shelter cat in need?

Okay, I’m stepping off my soapbox… or paper pile… and waiting to hear how you’ve helped a shelter cat.

Winni, a cat, sits on newspapers.