Winni – AKA Winni Cat, Winni Pie, Winnifred

Winni loves her catnip toys.

Winni’s bio is coming soon.

Birthday: 10/13/2005

Current Age:  7 years old

Likes: catnip, cuddling with her dog brothers, riding in the car (I know, she is odd), peas, green beans, garbanzo beans, great northern beans, napping in front of the window in a Native American bread bowl, sleeping in her hammock.

Dislikes:the wind on her face, ringworm, being away from her dog brothers

Favorite colors: white, brown, black, and orange (her colors and that of her brothers)

Winni was dumped off in a neighboring field when she was but a mere 4 weeks old (approximately). For two days we had heard crying but we couldn’t find the source. Finally, at sundown on a cold and rainy November evening, a little shivering kitten covered in mud declared herself.

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