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Making Memories: Pet Paw Prints

Unfortunately, we are often driven to memorialize our pets after they are no longer with us. These projects can be a wonderful blessing and a step forward in the grieving process, but they can also create a new heartache if that memory we wish to capture is no longer within our grasp.

When our girl Fergie died during surgery, our vet presented us with a kit that allowed us to take an imprint of her little feet. We were thankful for the opportunity to do this, but we were saddened that we hadn’t done it in a more happy time.

There are many kits available on the market for you to purchase that will help memorialize your pet.


Clays that cure when air dried or baked work great. Add colors, words, embed tags, collars, whatever your heart desires. Have fun with it.

We created our paw print memorials many years ago, and they have been displayed atop the fireplace. Recently, I decided to insert a cute ribbon through them, and hang them alongside the framed photos of our Pack.

Hope you’ve found some inspiration to make your own! Moments don’t last forever, but memories can if we seek to preserve them.

These make great gifts and can be used with holiday decorations or to add a special touch to an office.

Ribbons and thread

Paw print filing

Dog paw print in clay.

Inserting ribbon through a clay paw print.

Photo of Frosty, a dog, and his paw print.

Tips for getting a great print:

* Choose a time when your dog is alert but not overly excited. Our guys were young and full of energy when we did these prints. We chose to get a print from them when they were in need of a nap and much more accepting of having their paw pressed into an unknown material. Treats helped.

* Don’t push so hard that you hurt your pet, especially on small animals like ferrets or cats. You need some pressure on the paw, but not a ton. You don’t want to break a nail or digit in the process.

* You don’t have to make just one, making multiple prints of your pet’s paw as they grow is a great idea.

* Follow all directions on the clay product you use.

* Experiment with paint or stains to color in your words or the actual prints.

* Clean up after your print making – don’t leave clay out for your pet to eat. Wash off your pet’s paw.

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Wear’em Out with a HyperDog Play Pack

We love to tell you about the products that have kept our pack healthy and happy through the years, and we’d be remiss if we didn’t highlight the complete awesomeness of the HyperDog Play Pack.

Our boy Frosty, a couture assumed mix of Labrador, Greyhound, and Pit Bull, loved running and toys. When we found the HyperDog Play Pack, he instantly fell in love, and we no longer feared another rotator cuff injury.

Frosty finally met his match with the HyperDog Launcher. As he would run to retrieve a launched ball, I had another ready to roll when he returned. When he saw us pull the HyperDog Launcher from the cabinet he would run, sit, and wait in anticipation, knowing that a ball was soon to be launched for him to fetch.

Tristan loved the smaller size and shape of the tennis balls and soon started chasing them down. Not bad for a dog who deemed most toys “unworthy” of a good chase.

Grandbury loves Frisbee, but fearing he would injure a tooth, we never felt comfortable throwing one his way. The HyperDisc allowed him to catch some air again. As for replacing the band/pouch on the launcher, we didn’t find it necessary for over a year. Your use will vary, but we’ve found the HyperDogs products are long lasting and quality made.

Get your complete play pack while we’ve got’em in stock! Remember: a tired dog is a good dog. This pack is great for multiple dog households and portable for trips to the park and lake.
Purchase a complete HyperDog Play Pack that includes:

The HyperDog 2 Ball Launcher can shoot the tennis balls 220 ft., has hands free pick-up, is collapsible for easy transport and storage, and is made from a rust resistant steel. The Launcher gives you arm and hand support that will keep you in the game until your dog has had his/her fill of the fun.

HyperDog 2 Ball Launcher

HyperDog Replacement Band Pouch (the sling) *color may be different from photo

HyperDog replacement Strap

The 4-pack replacement ball set is compatible with all Hyper products except the Mini Hyper Dog

HyperDog replacement balls

The HyperDisc is a fun flying disc for your dog. Soft sided and covered with a paw print repeating pattern, you’ll always be able to locate your disc at the park. The HyperDisc is soft for safety and your dog’s mouth (no hard plastic to injure your dog’s teeth), it floats, has a gently arched shape for easy pick up, catches some great air and height, and is durable. The HyperDisc is a great tool for training.

HyperDog Flying Disc

Photos of the 24Paws Pack enjoying their HyperDog Ball Launcher

Frosty and Tristan chase the ball.

Frosty and Tristan race to get the ball.

Grandbury attempts to catch the ball

Almost… Grandbury shoots past the ball, almost capturing it mid-air.

Tristan returns with the tennis ball

Tristan proudly displays his catch.

Frosty returning to have the ball launched again.

Frosty returns the ball to have it launched again!