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Happy 2013 New Year Wishes from 24Paws!



2012 was a transformational year for us. Our beloved Grandbury developed a brain tumor that presented fresh learning experiences as we supported him through the next stage of his life that included seizures. We said good-bye to Grandbury in March, and shortly after, moved again when an opportunity came knocking. It was one of those years that felt as though it had lasted a decade. We look back in awe that only twelve months have passed.

2013 will be a major year for 24Paws. Our new online store is nearly complete, and we will finally be able to share the products we’ve loved and tested with you and your companion animals.  We are expanding our product line, working with various shelters and animal organizations, and creating new products that you can order or be inspired by.

Thank you for a wonderful year. Thank you for supporting us, watching our videos, sharing our educational news and information, and helping us keep the lessons our pack has taught us about life, love, and happiness alive as they continue to impact the lives of other pets and their people.

As a couple, our eighteen years together have always been dedicated to and dictated by our companion animal pack. As such, their care has always been paramount. We would have liked our business to have grown more rapidly, but never at the expense of their happiness. They’ve taught us just about everything that is important in life, and we never want those lessons to be forgotten. They have always been, and shall remain, the paw driven force behind 24Paws.

Thank you for helping us to keep their memory alive. We are so happy to share our knowledge and experience with you. We love your stories, photos, and feedback! Onward to 2013!

With love and appreciation,
Jeannie & Loren

24Paws Pack Mom and Dad

If all else fails, remember actions of wisdom from Winni:

Sleep does a body good!

Winni napping



credit for banner image: pinkmustache

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Circle Us on Google+

We’ve just started to play with the great features available to us on the Google+ platform, and we’ve got to say that we really like it. We are especially excited to try out some of the circle features that allow us to send you the information you are begging for. We look forward to utilizing the new features so we can begin to offer more customized giveaways and content. Only want to be notified when we are running a sale? We can do that. Only want to be notified when we are hosting a giveaway? Yep, we can do that too.  You’ve got to circle us to get connected with us. Click the Google+ link below and let’s get started together.

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The Call of the Mountains

It wasn’t without trepidation that we decided to move from Illinois to North Carolina. Grandbury is no young pup at seventeen, and Winni– our house has been her world since we rescued her six years ago. We weren’t sure how the move would affect the two of them. Moving with pets, especially those with age and medical issues, can not only be complicated, but can lead to adjustment issues that may reveal themselves in behavior and health problems.

As you’ve read, we’ve traveled to the Asheville and Black Mountain areas of North Carolina many times throughout the year. We absolutely fell in love with the place. There is so much to love here. Western North Carolina is stunning to the senses, and it is one of the most pet friendly areas we’ve ever seen.

Black Mountain, NC-24Paws-

Every minute we have with Grandbury is a blessing, and we make certain to recognize it and appreciate the time we have with him. Moving to the Asheville/Black Mountain area has given us so many fun opportunities and adventures to share with him (and with you). The extended time we had with both Frosty and Tristan, as well as taking care of Grandbury as he reaches a grand old age, has been the greatest example of how short and sweet life truly is. We’ve taken these lessons to heart, and in great part, this is why we are now North Carolinians.

Grandbury of 24Paws, The Wise Dog of the Mountain

Grandbury took the move in stride, and while Winni has had some adjustments issues, is right at home now.

Photo of a cat sleeping on the back of a rocker.

We hope you’ll continue to join us on this great adventure, and remember to stop chasing your tail and get out and chase down what makes you happy.

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Good Night Sweet Tristan

We said goodbye to our beloved Tristan today. Renal failure, the one battle he just couldn’t win. We were so blessed to experience your life and love for fifteen years, but fifteen years wasn’t long enough. Call us greedy, but we’d take more. Tristan, our beautiful boy, we love you.

Tristan, a siberian husky from 24Paws.

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Happy Birthday Grandbury and Tristan

A birthday balloon

Birthdays are a big deal here at 24Paws. How can we not feel blessed when we look at the faces of our beloveds as they celebrate their 16th and 15th birthdays? We are so happy to see their smiling little faces as they continue to expand our lives and hearts with their love and lessons.

Our birthday brag book:

Grandbury in his party hat

Tristan eats his bday dinner

A woman  recently stopped to ask how old our dogs are. She had a hard time believing our guys were so elderly. Their glossy coats and alertness threw her for a loop. She went on to say that all of her dogs have died when they reached 10 or eleven.

She asked us, “What do you do to keep them living so long?”

Stunned, we were not sure how to respond, we’d never been asked that before.

We went on to explain that we’ve had the boys on reduced vaccination schedules, have always fed them food fortified with the healthy stuff they need, have done everything in our power to eliminate needless injuries, have provided them room to run and play, have given them a quiet place to heal and sleep when they need it, and have loved them.

Disappointed that we didn’t offer a magical salve or potion, the woman went on her way, leaving us in remembrance over how blessed we are.

We hope you celebrate the milestones your companion animals reach, and we’d love to hear about them!

Dog food in the shape of a star

Winni the cat stretched out

Grandbury and Winni curl up together for a much needed nap.

Grandbury is an equal opportunity snuggler

Tristan and Grandbury snuggle

Balloon photo credit: Ale_Paiva

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Happy New Year!

We hope you ring in 2010 safely and surrounded by those you love. May you embrace every day of 2010, and squeeze every minute of happiness out of each moment you have with your companion animals.

Do you make any New Year’s resolutions for the way you care for your pet? Maybe you’ll vow to keep to a schedule for their nail trimming, ear and teeth cleaning, and fur brushing.

Perhaps you will vow to play with them more. You both receive numerous physical and psychological benefits when you take the time to mentally stimulate your pet with play and affection.

Are you making a resolution to lose weight? Look at your pet. Could he go on a diet too? Resolving to get the two of you moving more is a great goal for the new year.

You might just find that when you include your pet in your New Year’s resolutions that the new goals you’ve set become easier to keep and complete. What resolutions do you have for your pets?

From all of us at 24Paws – Happy New Year!

A simple guide to celebrating and living in the New Year:

Easy does it on the partying and the catnip.

May you find a way to roll over any obstacles you face in the new year! Don't forget to smile!

There is beauty in every moment.