24Paws’ Product Review Guidelines

As with all product reviews, our reviews are based on our experiences and results. We post our honest opinions of the products we test/sample, but at the end of the day, these reviews are opinions and you may find the product we tested works differently for you or you may have a conflicting opinion than ours. Feel free to post your experience with the product in the comments area following the posted review.

Our rating scale is from 1 – 5 “Paws of Approval,” with five paws being the highest rating a product can receive.

We do extensive research on the products we evaluate and review, from learning about the ingredients to the practices of the company. We often receive samples from the marketing firm or manufacturer of a product to review. These reviews are handled in the same professional and honest manner as the products we’ve purchased ourselves. If we like the product we’ll let you know, and if we don’t like it, you’ll know that too.

Want us to review your product?

Please the supply the following:

Press information, a web-ready image, and any ingredient/processing information you have to offer. Contact us for more information.


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