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Tickle Paw Tuesday: Rescued Beagles Have Their First Day In the Sun

If the summer heat and stress of life has you down, this video featuring seven beagle dogs being able to enjoy grass and sunshine for the first time in their lives is sure to bring a breeze of joy to your face. These beautiful four year old dogs have lived their entire lives in laboratory cages, being used as test subjects. The Beagle Freedom Project secured the freedom of the dogs, and the television crew from ABC affiliate WJLA tagged along to record this momentous occasion.

Good luck, sweet pups, may your futures never give rise to remembrances of your past. Kudos to the Beagle Freedom Project and all of the foster families who have stepped up to take in these dogs.

Made our Tuesday ten times brighter just knowing these pups are able to have their day in the sun.

Happy Tuesday!

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