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Tickle Paw Tuesday: Cat Finds Water Refreshing

Cats don’t always hate water, in fact, many cats enjoy playing in water, and like Winni, even enjoy bath time. Perhaps the unhappiness with water starts where most “fails” begin with cats, and that is when they are being forced to do something. The cat in this week’s installment of Tickle Paw Tuesday clearly isn’t being forced to repeatedly take a head dunk into the running faucet, and enjoys a drippy drink, too. A cat who loves water is a good thing, notoriously poor drinkers, many cats are always on the threshold of dehydration. All this cat needs is a faucet with a motion sensor and he can satisfy his thirst and save some water.

Seriously, this video just makes me laugh, and it makes me want a drink of water. I see a water or faucet commercial in his future.

Happy Tuesday!


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