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Buckle That Pooch Up!

Grandbury of 24Paws, wearing Doggles

You might be familiar with the “click it or ticket” campaign that reminds drivers to engage their seatbelt when driving, but what about our furry passengers who travel with us?

An average 60 pound dog riding unrestrained in a vehicle that wrecks while traveling at the rate of 30 mph can unleash 1,200 pounds of force upon impact with the windshield or other passengers in the car.

Assuming your dog makes it through a crash, he may jump out of an opened door or window and cause additional devastation as he darts through traffic, or become lost forever as he becomes confused and distraught.

We have loved traveling with our pack over the years, and boy do they have some miles on them. As Grandbury ages and encounters health issues like his large tumor, we have been forced to become creative with his restraints and have at times, had to forgo them. You know what they say, you only regret that which you didn’t do and could have prevented.

Have a great holiday, and make sure you and your beloved stick around for the next one on the calendar.

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