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Happy Birthday Grandbury and Tristan

A birthday balloon

Birthdays are a big deal here at 24Paws. How can we not feel blessed when we look at the faces of our beloveds as they celebrate their 16th and 15th birthdays? We are so happy to see their smiling little faces as they continue to expand our lives and hearts with their love and lessons.

Our birthday brag book:

Grandbury in his party hat

Tristan eats his bday dinner

A woman  recently stopped to ask how old our dogs are. She had a hard time believing our guys were so elderly. Their glossy coats and alertness threw her for a loop. She went on to say that all of her dogs have died when they reached 10 or eleven.

She asked us, “What do you do to keep them living so long?”

Stunned, we were not sure how to respond, we’d never been asked that before.

We went on to explain that we’ve had the boys on reduced vaccination schedules, have always fed them food fortified with the healthy stuff they need, have done everything in our power to eliminate needless injuries, have provided them room to run and play, have given them a quiet place to heal and sleep when they need it, and have loved them.

Disappointed that we didn’t offer a magical salve or potion, the woman went on her way, leaving us in remembrance over how blessed we are.

We hope you celebrate the milestones your companion animals reach, and we’d love to hear about them!

Dog food in the shape of a star

Winni the cat stretched out

Grandbury and Winni curl up together for a much needed nap.

Grandbury is an equal opportunity snuggler

Tristan and Grandbury snuggle

Balloon photo credit: Ale_Paiva

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