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2010 Dog Friendly Honda Element

HondaElement emblem

We told you about the new 2010 Dog FriendlyTM Honda  Element back in April, and now we can report that you’ll be seeing it at your local dealership on November 16, 2009.


More information from the American Honda Motor Co., Inc.

The Dog Friendly equipment group is designed exclusively for the Element EX trim level and can be adapted to the Element LX trim level with the addition of a dealer-installed rear accessory power outlet for the rear ventilation fan. Engineered to integrate with factory precision into the Element EX, the Dog Friendly equipment is intended to accommodate the secure transportation of a dog in the cargo area within a nylon-webbed car kennel. In daily operation the car kennel helps prevent a dog from interfering with the driver in traffic by keeping the pet properly restrained and out of reach of the driver. In the event of a frontal collision, the kennel is intended to help restrain the dog behind the rear seats, reducing the chance for the pet to be injured – or to injure human occupants during a crash.

The Dog Friendly equipment enhances pet comfort by providing a soft floor surface for the dog’s legs and paws along with a dedicated fan and a spill resistant water source. Convenience is improved for owners with an integrated ramp, easy to clean surfaces and a full suite of matching Dog Friendly accoutrements.

Major components include:

  • a soft-sided cargo area car kennel made from seat belt-grade netting
  • a cushioned pet bed in the cargo area with an elevated platform
  • a 12V DC rear ventilation fan
  • second-row seat covers with a dog pattern design (matches the bed fabric)
  • an extendable ramp (stores under the pet bed platform)
  • all-season rubber floor mats with a toy bone pattern
  • a spill-resistant water bowl
  • Dog Friendly exterior emblems (driver’s side and rear)

The ramp stores underneath the bed platform and can be conveniently accessed when the rear tailgate is down. The car kennel was designed and is being constructed by Takata Corporation, one of the world’s leading automotive safety systems suppliers. The Dog Friendly equipment group has a manufacturer’s suggested retail price of $995

We love the color of the car in the photo (it is orange, after all)! We look forward to checking it out locally to get the feel of it ourselves. What do you think? Does it offer enough safety features? Is there something you would like to see in the canine car of your dreams? What suggestions do you have?


Photo credits: American Honda Motor Corp., Inc.

3 thoughts on “2010 Dog Friendly Honda Element

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  2. I test drove the regular Honda Element and wasn’t too impressed. However, the roomy interior is very nice. The two main drawbacks for me are the suicide doors (I’d rather have regular doors on a large car) and the gas mileage.

    We were hoping to see the “dog friendly” version of this vehicle at the OC auto show, but we’ll have to wait now for the LA Auto Show in December (or maybe we’ll just visit our local dealership November 16th).

  3. Colby-

    Thanks for sharing your experience with the car.

    How did you find the low step-in height? That is the number one reason I hear for the purchase of the car among dog owners.

    Maybe a hybrid version of the Honda Element will be available in the future. Could definitely be a contender for the fuel-conscious pet lover. 🙂 The auto show sounds fun. Wonder if they’ll feature some new options that haven’t been revealed yet? We’ll have to wait to see it roll onto the local lots. Not long now….

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