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Tickle Paw Tuesday: Paper Pups to Copy Cut and Fold

  This week’s Tickle Paw Tuesday installment is part craft and remembrance—two of my favorite combinations. I recently ran across Hiroshi Hayakawa’s book, “Paper Pups – 35 Dogs to Copy, Cut & Fold” and couldn’t wait to see what I could do with the enclosed templates, particularly the Siberian Husky. The book contains a wide […]

Tickle Paw Tuesday: Kitten Play Time

This week’s Tickle Paw Tuesday installment gets you right in the middle of kitten play time in Cat World at Best Friends Animal Society. You’ve got no excuse to virtually love these kittens, even those with allergies can safely participate. How can you resist watching kittens tumble over one another and chase their favorite toys? […]

Tickle Paw Tuesday: Rescued Beagles Have Their First Day In the Sun

If the summer heat and stress of life has you down, this video featuring seven beagle dogs being able to enjoy grass and sunshine for the first time in their lives is sure to bring a breeze of joy to your face. These beautiful four year old dogs have lived their entire lives in laboratory […]

Tickle Paw Tuesday: Firefighters Save Lives

This week’s Tickle Paw Tuesday installment highlights the bravery of firefighters who help those who are in need of a hero, especially our animal friends who may find themselves unable to escape their burning surroundings. Find out if your local fire station is outfitted with pet oxygen masks, if not, this would be a wonderful […]

Tickle Paw Tuesday: Puppy Explorer Conquers Flower

This week’s selection for Tickle Paw Tuesday is a video that captures a keeshond puppy investigating and overcoming a newly perceived threat – a dandelion. These silly moments our dogs experience are very important lessons that help to promote confidence as they explore and learn about the world around them. This method of paws-on learning […]