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Review: TerraCycle Natural Degreaser

Whether you are pulling out extra seating for holiday guests, putting away patio furniture for the season, or simply cleaning your dog’s crate, it wouldn’t hurt to arm yourself with a dependable cleanser that is kind to your senses and the environment. We have two resin yard chairs that are about ten years old. They […]

Not Just For Humans and a Product Review: Absorbent Underpads

For the past two years we’ve been a house well stocked with baby wipes and incontinence pads. Not exactly items you’d expect in a home dedicated to fur-kids, but they are daily essentials for our pack. We started using baby wipes a few years ago to help clean the folds around Tristan’s mouth as he […]

Review: TerraCycle Pet Stain & Odor Remover

A little known fact: One of the greatest gifts you can give a new pet parent is a general cleanser for pet mistakes and odors. Sure, toys are great, but nothing comes close to having a good cleanser on hand when those unmentionable accidents occur. There will be plenty of accidents throughout the life stages […]

Two Reviews: Through A Dog’s Ear Book & CD

In high school, my friend did a science fair project on a plant’s exposure to certain types of music. She divided her plants into two groups. Each group of identical plants received the same amount of light, food, water, and nutrients. The only variables that differed were the types of music the plants were exposed […]