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Tickle Paw Tuesday: Ink Up for Adopt-A-Cat Month

June is Adopt-A-Cat Month (a program of the American Humane Association), and we dedicate this week’s Tickle Paw Tuesday spot to the great feline and the people who love them. Do yo love your cat enough to have his face permanently inked across your back? This gallery of 13 Cool Cat Tattoos will definitely inspire you should you be in the market for a tattoo. Don’t worry, cat adoption does not require a tattoo, but it does require a lifetime of love.

You can also add an “Adopt-A-Cat Month Twibbon” to your social accounts.

Happy Tuesday!

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Tickle Paw Tuesday: Dog Found in Tornado Rubble

This week’s Tickle Paw Tuesday installment features Oklahoma tornado survivor Barbara Garcia discovering her dog alive among the debris of her fallen home. Her joy at seeing him is so touching, and we are so happy that they can be reunited again. Thankfully, Ms. Garcia had him contained in the house with her when the storm hit. On all accounts, he is one lucky pup.  As his amazed momma in the video says, “Bless your little bitty heart.”

Our hearts go out to all who have had their worlds torn apart by the recent horrific storms in Texas and Oklahoma. Our personal ties to the areas devastated by the tornadoes makes us well aware of the work that lies ahead for the people of these communities. We rescued our beloved Grandbury from Granbury, Texas, and as a native Texan, I’ve spent many summers visiting family just outside Oklahoma City.

Have you gotten your emergency disaster relief kit compiled? We encourage you to take some time and prepare for the unexpected. We hope you never need to use it, but should you need it, you’ll be ever so thankful you have something to hold onto in the wake of a disaster.

Happy Tuesday.

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Tickle Paw Tuesday: Pet Adoption Shelter Pet Project

This week’s installment of Tickle Paw Tuesday features two videos from the Shelter Pet Project. We’ve spoken about our support of the campaign that works to spread the work about the awesome pets that are waiting for you at your local animal shelters. The two videos we picked for this week highlight what we think our dogs definitely felt about us picking up their toys, and the sweet encounters we can have in life thanks to our pets. Remember, you can find any breed of dog or cat you desire in a shelter. Many shelters are dedicated to rescuing a specific breed of animal.

We hope you are having a beautiful Tuesday.

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Tickle Paw Tuesday: Love Is Blind

This week’s installment of Tickle Paw Tuesday features the story of Henry, a rescued pig, who found love and companionship in Raffy, a blind dog. Love truly is blind, and what a great reminder to continue to open our hearts to those who are different from us. You never know who may be around the corner in need of someone just like you.

Thank you, Brightside Farm Sanctuary, for rescuing Henry, and for fighting for those in need of an actionable voice. If I ever make it to Australia, I’m cuddling up next to Henry. This vegan loves your recipe section, too!

Happy Tuesday!