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Tickle Paw Tuesday: Deck the Halls

Our pick for Tickle Paw Tuesday is a sweet and funny tribute to those vocal pets we love so very much. Next time your dog starts howling, videotape him and put it to some music…a little different perspective and you might just find some beauty in that distinctive voice. Your neighbors on the other hand…. All our very best to one and all! – The 24Paws Pack

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Tickle Paw Tuesday: The Grinchy Ferret Who Stole Christmas

This short little video reminds us of our beloved ferrets, Marzo and Fergie. They were not tree bandits, but they sure did love to sink their little ferret teeth into potatoes and drag them under a dresser in the bedroom. They only wanted potatoes, and they always drug them to the dresser. They never tried to eat the potatoes, they just found comfort in having a hidden stockpile of them.

Happy Tuesday! We hope you find something shiny, or starchy, that will just make your day.


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Tickle Paw Tuesday: Simon’s Cat Conquers the Christmas Tree

We know that the holiday tradition in this week’s installment of “Tickle Paw Tuesday” will be played out many times over as our favorite felines pounce upon your decorated trees and conquer them in only the way they do. Of course, after all that conquering and destruction, it will be time to  feed the cat.

Thankfully, we’ve never had a problem with Winni and holiday decorations. She does love to wrap herself up in some garland.

cat plays in garland

What about you? Has your cat decided the tree makes a nice nesting spot or play toy?

If your cat is enjoying the tree too much, a few good sprays of “Bitter Apple” on the trunk of the tree should help. Packaging tape wrapped around the trunk (with the sticky side out) is also a pretty good deterrent for the curious kitty. Got a tip that works for you?

Happy decorating!


Photo of cat with holiday garland.

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Tickle Paw Tuesday: Husky Dog Croons With Baby

Tuesday has to be the loneliest day of the week. Monday is hated, Wednesday is celebrated, and Thursday is undoubtedly the most productive day of the week as people prepare for  Friday. Friday, the most beloved, is the kick off to the weekend. Saturday and Sunday are the peaks of the weekend mountain we must slide down so that we may start the process all over again.

image of a calendar with mountains

For sad Tuesday, we will begin a new series – Tickle Paw Tuesday. Every Tuesday, we’ll feature an entertaining “Paw Tickler” video we’ve found on the web and share it with you. Take back Tuesday, and make it a day of smiles and share the love.

We’ll start this one off with a funny video featuring a dog and child duo. Our husky would have approved. This husky pup will not be outdone! A husky voice is a terrible thing to waste, especially when a cute baby is trying to steal the limelight, err, video camera time.