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Tickle Paw Tuesday: Simon’s Cat Conquers the Christmas Tree

We know that the holiday tradition in this week’s installment of “Tickle Paw Tuesday” will be played out many times over as our favorite felines pounce upon your decorated trees and conquer them in only the way they do. Of course, after all that conquering and destruction, it will be time to  feed the cat. […]

Bath Time For Winni – Tips For Bathing Your Cat

Abandoned in a field near our home, Winni came to us covered in ringworm. She was subsisting on a diet of dirt, and was suffering from a respiratory infection. At an estimated four weeks of age, her young body was under attack by many forces. Our veterinarian gave a chuckle with a concerned warning that […]

A Few Changes on the Horizon

Things look a little different around these parts, but don’t be alarmed, we are making a few changes here and there, including the “here” on the blog. Stay tuned, we’ve got lots of goodies coming your way…. Your Overly-Excited Team @ 24Paws   Links to Chew On:Empty Link Bowl