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Now On Bonanzle

We are working to make certain you have access to 24Paws’ products through a a variety of outlets. While you’ll always find a wider variety of products to meet your needs through out main store (opening soon), we also want to make sure that you have access to our products through the venues you currently […]

Two Reviews: Through A Dog’s Ear Book & CD

In high school, my friend did a science fair project on a plant’s exposure to certain types of music. She divided her plants into two groups. Each group of identical plants received the same amount of light, food, water, and nutrients. The only variables that differed were the types of music the plants were exposed […]

Celebrating Milestones: Happy Birthday, Grandbury & Tristan!

Happy Birthday, Grandbury & Tristan! We recently celebrated Granbury’s 15th birthday and Tristan’s 14th! These amazing milestones are well worth celebrating and making a fuss over. We made these birthday “pup cakes” for our guys and they devoured them in no time. The years have flown by, and having the opportunity to celebrate their extended […]