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In Kentucky? Plan to Attend Puppy Palooza!

Pet Palooza information courtesy of University Of Louisville School of Law Student Animal Legal Defense Fund

Start spring off right by attending a fund and educational event hosted by the University of Louisville  Brandeis Student Animal Legal Defense Fund. Mark your calendar for April 5th, from 1:00 – 5:00 pm to attend Puppy Palooza @ Patterson Park in Louisville, Kentucky.

In support of the event, 24Paws has happily donated some of our Ugly Kitty Eco-Tossers and Cozy to Go! cup wraps! These items can be viewed online @

Pets are welcome, so grab some water, a leash, and pooper scooping bags and get thee to the park!

For more information:

Facebook members: Puppy Palooza & U of L Brandeis School of Law

For more information on the  Animal Legal Defense Fund

Student Animal Legal Defense Fund

Disclaimer: 24Paws supports the efforts of organizations and individuals who work to end animal cruelty, ignorance, and abuse through education, legislation, and rescue. We support those groups and individuals whose mission and actions pass our selective criteria. Always be aware of where and how your support and donations are used.

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Wild Bird Food Suet Recall

For more information on the Scotts Company Wild Bird Food Suet Recall, visit the FDA

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE — Marysville, Ohio – March 20, 2009 – The Scotts Company LLC (“Company”) announced today an expansion of the voluntary wild bird food suet recall. The expanded voluntary recall will include an additional seven (7) varieties of wild bird food suet products and additional manufacturing date codes of the five (5) varieties previously recalled. These additional products may contain peanut meal from the Peanut Corporation of America’s (“PCA”) facilities in either Texas or Virginia, and have the potential to be contaminated with Salmonella. Cereal Byproducts Company (“CBC”), the Company’s broker, supplied the Company with the peanut meal from these locations.

Salmonella can affect animals and there is risk to humans from handling contaminated bird seed and/or pet food products. People handling wild bird food can become infected with Salmonella, especially if they have not thoroughly washed their hands after having contact with the product or any surfaces exposed to these products. Healthy people infected with Salmonella should monitor themselves for some or all of the following symptoms: nausea, vomiting, diarrhea or bloody diarrhea, abdominal cramping and fever. Rarely, Salmonella can result in more serious ailments, including arterial infections, endocarditis, arthritis, muscle pain, eye irritation, and urinary tract symptoms. Consumers exhibiting these signs after having contact with this product should contact their healthcare providers.

Due to this expanded recall, the Company has requested that its retailers, distributors, sub-distributors, and distributors’ retailers recall the affected products with the lot codes specifically set forth below, forward all recall communications down the distribution chain, remove these products from retail shelves or warehouses, and return them to the Company. In addition, the Company has again requested that those parties that sell the affected products respond to consumer questions by telling them to throw the product away, avoid touching unsealed product with bare hands, and wash their hands thoroughly after touching unsealed product.

At this time, the Company has not received any reports of illness involving its products that may contain PCA peanut meal, and it is no longer obtaining or using any peanut products from PCA-owned facilities. Nonetheless, the Company announced the expanded recall of the following products manufactured between May 13, 2008 and February 8, 2009, with the specific manufacturing date codes below:

Product Description


Recalled Lot/Manufacturing Date Code

Morning Song Nutty Safari Suet 0-86155-01110-8 12-01-08
Morning Song Raisin Crunch Suet 0-86155-20600-9 05-13-08
Morning Song Variety 15 PK Suet 0-86155-22291-7 08-04-08
Morning Song Variety 3 PK Suet 0-86155-22388-4 05-22-08
Morning Song Woodpecker Suet 0-86155-22304-4 01-13-09
Scotts Multi-Bird Suet w/Fruits & Nuts 0-86155-22813-1 05-13-08
Scotts Woodpecker Suet 0-86155-22810-0 11-20-08
Royal Wing Woodpecker Suet 7-49394-00332-6 11-13-08
Royal Wing Peanut Suet 7-49394-00333-3 08-05-08
Royal Wing Raisin Suet 7-49394-00336-4 05-14-08
Morning Melodies Nutty Safari Suet 0-86155-22147-7 08-05-08
Morning Melodies Variety Suet 3CT 0-86155-22124-8 11-10-08

The Company’s “No Quibble” guarantee highlights the Company’s commitment to quality and satisfaction. To receive a replacement product or refund for any of the recalled wild bird food suet products, consumers can contact the Company’s customer service department at 1-866-512-8876, or at

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CPR: It Saves Pets’ Lives

Years ago, when we decided to learn about Pet CPR, we struggled to find a local class. We located a community college that was offering the class, but they threatened to cancel it if  “not enough” people were interested. Thankfully, the desired number of people registered (although they didn’t show up) and we were taught how to save the lives of cats and dogs. Such a simple step can save a life.

Check out your local community colleges, community centers, libraries, animal shelters, veterinarians, and the Parks and Recreations services. If there isn’t a class offered, why not work with an animal shelter or pet clinic to get one started?

Until then, check out this helpful video.

Have you ever had to use CPR on a pet? Have additional information you’d like to share?

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Would You Agree to DNA testing for your Dog?

An East German politician believes that in order to rectify the problem of dog owners refusing to pick up after their pooch, the city will procure some DNA from each dog and start a database. Therefore, when a poop has gone astray with no one to claim it, someone (do you want that city job?) will come ‘round and collect a sample and compare it to the DNA database. The pet parents face fines of $60 – $80 for the poop offense. Wonder if the DNA collector will also pick up the poop?


Would you agree to submit your dog’s DNA to a database to track poop infractions? Is this a good idea in your opinion? Do laws like this go too far? How many “extra” fees are you paying for your animals now? Does your community tack on additional charges for pet parents? Have you changed your mind about moving to a certain area due to the fees charged for pet ownership?

Photo Credit: actruncale

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A Love & Life That Lives On…


We’ve recently lost our boy Frosty to his long fought battle with cancer. He was an amazing dog who had an amazing will to live. The last year of his life was filled with heartache and happiness. A ruptured adrenal gland tumor and subsequent tumor growths blocking his urethra are a few of the cancerous obstacles that were placed in his path. He is missed every day. We will be posting a complete biography of Frosty soon. We will continue to post additional links to the Pet Loss & Grieving categories. Please feel free to suggest your favorites.

 Frosty was recently joined by the following well known beloved companions:


• Socks – the former “First Cat” of the Clinton family, and featured in the book “Dear Socks, Dear Buddy: Kids’ Letters to the First Pets” by Hillary Rodham Clinton


• Loki – beloved dog of Oscar nominee Mickey Rourke

Congratulations to fellow Etsian, WickedWorld, who created this sweet necklace for Mickey to celebrate the life of Loki.

 Here is a sweet video of Socks